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Founded on June 20, 1967


Tuberia Laguna is a Mexican private company, member of the Tylsa Group, located in the city of Gomez Palacio, Durango.

Mr. Don Zelman Kessler, founder of Tylsa Group, was one of the most important figures in the development of the heavy industry in La Laguna. His vision of the region and his spirit drove the development of the community and its environment.

TUBERIA LAGUNA, SA DE CV was founded on June 20, 1967. In 1976 acquired one of the most modern mills at that time to manufacture steel pipe, and a year later it obtained the Certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API), the most important institution regarding the products and services related to the global energy industry, being the 3rd company worldwide to achieve this certification which has maintained up to date, evidencing the company’s commitment to total quality through all these years. Since 1980, several changes were performed to the direction of the companies of the Tylsa Group by the first generation after Zelman Kessler. Among his early achievements, the new leadership is given the task to restructure and modernize the administration of all businesses. Major changes to systems and procedures were made, emphasizing the creation of a network of distributors and formalizing a stronger business structure to impulse sales nationwide.

Between 1982 and 1988, the main strategy is focused on building a financial strength to lighten the economic commitments. Once this was achieved, Tuberia Laguna set the goal of creating a network of own offices and warehouses in Mexico, designing an economic & repeatable model called CEDYS (Distribution and Service Center, in Spanish). This model, which runs until today, has allowed the establishment of ten branches that serve the most important regions of our country.

Also, Tuberia Laguna crosses borders to international markets by exporting their products directly to the United States as well as Central and South America, which gives important successes.

Reliable Supplier of Petroleos Mexicanos


In 1995 Tuberia Laguna enters into a strategic alliance for marketing bridge slot screen, used in deep water wells, with the Californian company Roscoe Moss Manufacturing Co. which has over 100 years of experience and technical presence in several countries.

1998 marks the beginning of a new era in Tuberia Laguna. The production structure undergoes to a complete change to detect and remove major bottlenecks of the various processes and, in order to increase product quality and customer confidence, several technological investments are made, all of which leads the company to participate more actively in very significant domestic markets, such as the Energy Sector. Tuberia Laguna achieves the certification as a Reliable Supplier of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), in addition to obtaining the ISO-9002 certification, one of the first companies to deserve such important recognition.

In 2006 it starts a modern, efficient, and competitive external anticorrosive coating plant to provide the best service and provide an added value to all customers in the various markets such as energy, industrial and water.

By the end of 2007, the company displayed the possibility of entering the U.S. market for OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods), specifically in the production and marketing of production pipe (tubing) and liner (casing) for oil and gas wells. After developing a strong market research supported by prestigious consulting companies, Tuberia Laguna decides to carry out its project in several stages, starting with the establishment of a company in the United States, called Laguna Tubular Products (LTP), originally dedicated to market the products manufactured by Tuberia Laguna in Mexico. Then, it invested in the installation of a new pipe manufacturing mill for small diameter pipe in La Laguna, which has the most advanced technology available internationally. Tuberia Laguna has the API-5CT certification for the manufacture of tubing and casing.

In 2008, the third stared stage of OCTG project involved the construction of a plant in Houston, where various processes are performed to pipe manufactured in Mexico to increase its strength and give it the required finish to be used in projects in the energy sector in United States and Canada.


Provide steel pipe with the highest quality standards demanded by the markets, with a high level of customer service while maintaining the flexibility of our processes to react to the required needs of the spot market at a competitive price. Develop our suppliers with the same quality standards required by our markets. Having highly commitment to the values, standards and results of the company in benefit of both of them, and its shareholders. Always seek empathy processes in plants, synchronization, synergy and continuous improvement.


Being an integrated and reliable steel pipe manufacturing company in the U.S., Mexico and Canada with the participation of a professional and highly responsible team. Supported by new generation technological processes and a comprehensive continuous improvement to achieve total customer satisfaction with products of the highest quality.


Commitment: Through our skills and talents, we take responsibility to achieve our goals with excellence

Respect: We accept and understand the behavior and thinking of our customers and coworkers; appreciate their interests and needs such as proper.

Continuous Improvement: We aim to be the best every day, always looking for the total satisfaction of our customers.

Loyalty: We act with honesty and integrity, focused on creating and retaining our customers, maximizing the value for them and trust.

Discipline: We have a responsibility and commitment behavior, always according to the guidelines of the organization, supporting each other to achieve the objectives

Teamwork: Our success rests solely on that we are a team and share our unique talents to help those with whom we work, live and serve.

Tuberia Laguna is the most important company of the TYLSA Group

Tylsa Group

Tuberia Laguna is the most important company of the TYLSA Group, founded in 1940, which includes companies from various industries and services, such as:

Metalic products Especializados (PROMESA): They manufacture hot dipped galvanized metallic structures for electrical substations, electric power transmission lines, and telecommunications steel antennas.

Pipe and Plate from Durango: Located in the city of Durango, specializes in the marketing of hardware and construction materials for projects in the mining, industrial and government segments, mainly.

Tuberia Tulsa: Woks as a distributor of Tuberia Laguna’s products in Mexico.

Business services TYLSA (SETSA): Provides the administrative staff for the different companies of the Group.

Houses and buildings TYLSA: It’s a real estate company that manages the properties owned by the Group.