Line pipe

We manufacture steel line pipe under the American Petroleum Institute API Specification 5L, where all our products are individually inspected, giving our clients absolute safety when using our products.

Carbon steel pipe welded by high frequency electric resistance method HFW under API 5L standards (ISO 3183) Grade B (L245), X42 to X65 (L290 to L450), ASTM A53 Grade B, ASTM A252, ASTM-A-177 and AWWA C200.

Diameters from 2 3/8 “(60.3 mm) to 24” (610 mm) PSL 1 / PSL. 2 – Product Specification Level 1 and 2.


  • API 5L Grade B, X42, X52, X60 and X65 Non-Sour, and Sour Service (NRF-001, 002 and 026, PEMEX).
  • ASTM A53 Grade B.
  • ASTM A500 and Limited Service (rejects from production processes)


  • High quality, high strength,
  • Geometric and dimensional greater accuracy.
  • Minimization of hydraulic fluid conduction losses.
  • Security, reliability, technical support, certification


  • Piping for conveying water, gas, oil and other fluids.
  • Construction of bridges, buildings, ships, offshore platforms, piles,
  • billboards,
  • Load Beams and decorative columns.